More about Buddinpals!

Morning gang!

So my game is going along rather well and briskly. Still a lot to be done with it but it’s getting there! Recently I brought along @rushacrush on Twitter to do some art for Steam Trading Cards and Achievement icons, and if you follow me on Twitter you might have seen them! Quite snazzy. Thanks again dude!

I thought I’d take some time to write more about just what this game IS, since I haven’t really done that publicly yet. Well – Buddinpals is a game about the cute, lovable creatures that inhabit the world! (They’re a Japanese franchise localized to America.) You get your pet, and get to play with random games and knick-knacks and whatnot to make it happy! The goal is to take care of them best you can. It plays a bit like Oregon Trail meets Tamagotchi,  it’s short and sweet but plenty replay-able. And (if all goes well) a local mutliplayer mode!

The game is going to be roughly $2-3 on Steam and will be Free on Mobile devices (with ads that you can pay to remove). Not too heavy for my first leap into paid games ^^

(EDIT 10/13/18: It eventually turned out to be $3.99, and I realized how much I hated ads and how they were effort to code. So no ads! Just money for meee >:3)

Alright, gonna get back to work on the game since I have a head-start today. Keep your eyes peeled! Some cool plans for the Release Date Trailer.