Party Mode + Nearly there!

Hey, it’s me again!

Just wanted to pop in to say the game is now very close to completion (if you call just adding a bunch more items and bug squishing to the game close)! It’s about 85% done now! I’m really proud of what it’s become, too. I also just starting working on a nifty multiplayer mode for the game – Party Mode!

In Party Mode, you and up to 4 players locally can compete for points in a certain minigame from the main game! You’ll probably only be able to play minigames you’ve encountered in the main game, and you’ll have to play through regular games to get Party Tickets to play this mode. (Kinda like the Eden Tokens in the Binding Of Isaac~) Should add an interesting spin-off aspect to the main game.

Not gonna spit out a more solid release date JUST yet, but DEFINITELY expect one soon. Exciting!! Watch this space. <3

Gotta get back to work! -“Dungeon”