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 Dungeonation, aka Jack, is a teenage hobbyist creative and certified lazy person (at times, at best). At age 2, he was reading (pretty decently) and writing (illegibly), and soon after discovering the Game Boy Advance, which was current at the time, at age 6 he got hands-on with game design, learning by himself with Scratch (that MIT learning tool for kids). The night after discovering the tool, he made “Mario VS. Thwomp”, where two players controlled both scribbled out characters as they fought, with weird keyboard controls. It was terrible. Rightfully so, such is learning.

Since then, as a pastime, Dungeonation has been versed in self-taught game programming, art, music composition, filming, and acting(???). He has no plans of stopping since he made it this far anyway…even if it doesn’t garner an income eventually. <3

By the way…

Dungeonation = Funimation + Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

(Glad that’s cleared up!)

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