Free Games!

Before moving on to video games you could buy, I made a lotta small simple browser/downloadable games. Enjoy!

The links that aren’t to Scratch projects or downloads probably won’t survive the death of Flash in 2020. Sorry ’bout that.


One of my favorite browser games of mine. A short, semi-linear, sweet little survival game. Collect coins, fight enemies and aim to ascend.

GameJoltNewgroundsScratch (Mobile Friendly!)

 Zombies Took My Strawberry

A Ludum Dare game (Theme: Unconventional Weapon). Zombies have taken your precious strawberry and you have a minute to get it back before it’s eaten! Several alternate endings to find.

Scratch (Mobile Friendly!)


Made in a few hours for Ludum Dare 44 (Theme: Your life is currency.) A short spectacle about a circle blob thing that can age backwards. But the birthdays keep coming.

Enjoy the majesty on Scratch, just as mobile friendly as the other links

Two Nights At Tweety’s DX

A Five Nights At Freddy’s parody starring a serial killer with an interesting, and spastic way of doing things.

GameJolt – Newgrounds – Scratch (Mobile Friendly!)

Two Nights At Tweety’s 2

The sequel, where the story of the late Tweety inspired contractors to put up Tootie’s Arcade and Pizzeria. Tweety’s ghost isn’t having it.

Scratch (Mobile Friendly!) – GameJolt (old version, before remake)

A Weekend At Tweety’s

The final installment in the Tweety series. Tweety is back for one last petty game before his soul is to be put to rest – over a journal of his being discovered.


Jester Jasper in: “Jiving for a Jumpscare!”

A more original take on the FNAF formula then the Tweety series. Package boxes of cereal, and try not to die.

Scratch (Mobile Friendly!)GameJoltNewgrounds


Sometimes I enjoy animating or filming things with friends, and in the past I’ve created some things like The Mystery Dungeoneers, a poorly drawn, jittery Pokemon Mystery Dungeon parody. Most of my stuff is available to watch on YouTube.