Commercial Games:


Buddinpals: Take One Home With You !!

A variety virtual pet game set in a decidedly more real setting.

Steam, Android   –   $2.99

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Freebie Browser Games:



One of my favorite browser games of mine. A short, semi-linear, sweet little survival game. Collect coins, fight enemies and aim to ascend.



 Zombies Took My Strawberry

A Ludum Dare game (Theme: Unconventional Weapon). Zombies have taken your precious strawberry and you have a minute to get it back before it’s eaten! Several alternate endings to find. 



Two Nights At Tweety’s DX

A Five Nights At Freddy’s parody starring a serial killer with an interesting, and spastic way of doing things.


GameJolt – NewgroundsDeviantArt Scratch (Mobile Friendly!)


 Two Nights At Tweety’s 2

The sequel, where the story of the late Tweety inspired contractors to put up Tootie’s Arcade and Pizzeria. Tweety’s ghost isn’t having it.


Jester Jasper in “Jiving for A Jumpscare!”

A more original take on the Five Nights At Freddy’s formula. The delusions of a late-night, cereal-packaging worker.

GameJoltNewgroundsDeviantArt Scratch (Mobile Friendly!)