Hire me for Music, Art or Voice Acting for your project!

Money! We all need it. And you can give me money directly and get my creative services in return!! Isn’t that crazy?! I’ve got a simple charming style and a relatively quick turnaround.

* Safe for Work artwork, hand-drawn or pixel art (that means nothing sexually explicit!)
* Video game sprite work (hand-drawn or pixel art) with very simple animation
* Video game soundtracks or songs
* Drawing Furries/Animals
* Drawing Humans
* Drawing Cartoon Gore or Blood
* Voice Acting (also Safe for Work)

* NSFW (sexually explicit)
* Anything deemed hurtful, hateful, manipulative or the like (racism, sexism, all of the phobias, etc.)
* If I’m missing anything here and it comes up, I’ll tell you I won’t do it and put it here probably 😛

Music Commissions

1 Song5 Songs10 Songs

My strong suit is video game sounding / chiptune songs.

Art/Sprite Commissions

(“Sprite” here also refers to an animation frame)

SketchFlat ColorShadingPixel Art
$2$4 per sprite$6 per sprite $4 per sprite

Voice Acting

$3 per voice line. I can do a bunch of goofy or serious male voices but I don’t really do any lines with much swearing or heavy sexual or tasteless jokes.


Reach out to me on Twitter or anywhere else I’m on about your project! I’ll let you know if I approve – Payment must be through PayPal and must be upfront. Limit to a few feedback modifications depending on the commission. Thanks for your interest! 😀