TWEETYCO: Chapter 2

In the car ride to their friends’ house, Jeanette writes in her diary. Both her and her husband keep one fairly regularly. Though, Richard calls his a journal to maintain his masculinity, of course. She continues a written conversation with herself.

“There are a lot of emotions and pain during childbirth – I can tell you firsthand who feels it the most. After Mason, I swore I’d never go through giving birth again, however I eventually felt that I owed it to Richard after what I did. As far as I know what I’ve done hasn’t occurred to my husband yet – but wow, what mixed feelings I have about Mason’s birth. If the…short affair didn’t happen, Mason, the charming “ginger” son we have today would not have been born. And Richard was happy with Mason. But when Lily, or rather, “Lithium Onilittle” was born I saw something spark inside of Richard’s soul. He was always an okay father, however it’s as though in his heart he felt a true connection with Lily that he hadn’t had with Mason. He’s been taking extra good care of her since we had a home birth with her. He made her many things, although there was only one that Lily actually took a shine to. Rich calls her “Feltface”. Quite the creepy name I think, however Lily’s too young to mind. The doll was haphazardly sown together by Richard and didn’t sport a face or any hair. It wore a polka-dot dress and had stubby outstretched limbs. For some reason Lily can’t get enough of it. It even makes her stop crying. We’re off to see the Jeffersons at the time of writing and, actually, I don’t think Richard brought Feltface this time. I hope that’s not a problem. We’ll just have to figure out some other way to calm her down if she gets fussy.”

Jeanette would write more in her diary, but the youngest of their longtime friends was opening the front door as the Onilittles pulled into their driveway.

Lily’s seat is placed on a table in their house, as the families quickly enter immense conversing not 2 minutes after getting through the door. The toddler takes a classic baby nap. Soon enough, Mason and his friends are up in Joey’s bedroom mingling about. Caitlin shows everyone that she now has the mobile port of that horror game they watched influencers play on her tablet, The Evil in The Attic. Characteristically, Mason merely watches and never takes a turn. From a distance. Plenty of time passes and everyone shares useless information through conversation, until finally dinnertime arrives. To the children’s surprise, the Onilittles are staying for dinner! The kids are overjoyed. The Jefferson family makes meatloaf with mashed potatoes and asparagus. After a prayer is said, Bill, the father of the Jefferson family starts the first bit of table conversation in-between bites. “So. Your newborn givin’ you any trouble?” he says. Jeanette replies: “Well I forgot what it was like to wake up in the middle of the night sometimes, but otherwise it’s worth it.” Bill nods. “Yeah. Always worth it though. Raising children is a joy. It’s tough sometimes but, yeah. Y’know.” The evening goes on in moderate to severe merriment.

But then a curious noise is heard from the other room.


And nobody thinks anything of it for the first two minutes…

But little did they know, Lily wasn’t strapped into her seat, and just woke up from a nap. More emotions and pain were on the horizon.

Meanwhile, farther into the future…